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“Justice: Childhood Love Lessons” by Bell Hooks, tries to persuade its readers that abuse and neglect have no place in a loving relationship— especially a relationship between ... **As you prepare to read this essay, take a few moments to focus your thoughts on the relationships between discipline and expressions of love:.
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Justice: Childhood Love Lessons Module #1 ELA 11A Activity 1: Quick write In the article we are about to begin, “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons” by bell hooks, she tries to persuade its readers that abuse and neglect have no place in a loving relationship— especially a relationship between a parent and a child. Define
2 You will learn how to analyze and critique bell hooks' essay Justice: Childhood Love Lessons. You will look for the three types of rhetorical devices (ethos, pathos, logos) and take a stance on hooks' argument and support it with accurate evidence from the essay or outside resources. Being able to analyze/critique a
Misguidance, love, affection, neglect and leadership come from our nearest cluster or family. In “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons”, Bell Hooks points out that “when children are overindulged either materially or by being allowed to act out”(463), it is an example of a form of neglect. Mary Phiper also portrays the effects of
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Punishment In the article “Justice: Childhood Love Lessons” bell hooks claims that “there is nothing that creates more confusion about love in the minds and hearts of children than unkind or cruel punishment” (hooks 27). In other words punishment of any kind, let it be pinching, flicking or spanking will result in disorientation

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